holistic evidence
based care.

Thrive Primary Care not only focuses on the physical symptoms of a disease. Rather, we look at you as a person with specific individual needs. James takes in account your mental and social factors to design a healthcare program that works for YOU. Being holistic doesn’t mean being experimental. All of our care is backed by extensive, medically approved, research studies and medical specialty guidelines.


Healthy clients are happy clients.

Have you ever had a medical appointment where you felt as if you were just on a general assembly line? Thrive Primary Care is here for Woodland Park to get our residents the personal attention we feel they need to thrive in our community. Your individual needs are unlike any other in the country. We’re here to keep you a vibrant part of what makes Woodland Park a unique and active place to live!

“James and his team have such a great outlook on health and living. They are slow to medicate and instead focus on the overall wellbeing of the patient.”

You are what you eat.

As partners in your healthcare, let’s first see what you can do to improve your wellbeing. Hippocraties believed, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Two thousand years later we continue to prove his theory is spot-on!

One step at a time.

We all have high expectations on ourself. Have you ever said, “I’ll start working out once I lose some weight.” At Thrive we love you for who you are!! Let’s get you on an exercise program. We care for all. Marathon runners to fitness wannabes, we’ll give you reasonable tools to get you to your goals.

Medicine only when needed.

James was professionally taught at Georgetown University that anyone taking 6 or more medications are at high risk for “polypharmacy”– treating patients for drug side effects, versus treating the disease. Avoiding polypharmacy is our goal for your care.