Thrive Primary Care is a leader in family care.

From wellness visits, to urgent needs, we’re here for you.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is key in keeping you healthy.

  • Immunizations: Let's keep you from getting sick. We can give you what you need at any age, and at every season.
  • Yearly Physical Examinations: From the age of 2 through the age of 102, yearly physicals are essential in keeping you on track with the most current preventative care available.
  • Sexual Health: Sex is a vital aspect of being human. You'll feel safe with James. Whatever the issue, he will provide you with sound advice and competent care.


When you are ill, you deserve accessible and competent care.

  • Quick Triage: Our staff is trained to take care of you, here and now. The first step is giving us a call.
  • Immediate Diagnostic Testing: “STAT Labs”. Thrive has in-house lab testing for any urgent condition to care for you quickly. We also have labs drawn by staff on site for our patients along with patients from other Woodland Park offices to keep you from having to drive down the hill.
  • Followup Support: James will take care of your immediate needs, and be there for you after the emergency with continued medical support.

Healthcare Screenings

Western medicine focuses on your disease. Instead, we focus on you.
  • Education: We give you options. You're completely in the driver's seat in making the right choice for you.
  • Replenish -vs- Treat: Pharmaceuticals try to resolve physiological deficits, but they all have side-effects. We recommend bio-identical hormone replacement first. 
  • Local Options: We’re currently working with local businesses and our school system to provide health fairs and health screenings that are solely available to Woodland Park residents. We promote use of local businesses with stellar reputations to care for our community.

Our Community

Community is necessary with competent care. James is completely invested in making Woodland Park thrive! 
  • Local Medical Hub: We're here to support our local community. Drop by and post our community events on our community board!
  • Local School Hub: James and his staff are regularly reaching out to our school district to address our needs in Woodland Park.
  • Local Business Hub: James is actively working with our local businesses to improve health in the work environment.

We live and work by these standards.

  • Listen First. We care about you.
  • Provide Options. We want what's best for you.
  • Be Vulnerable. You're in a safe place. We really care about you.
  • Be Accountable. Being authentic is crucial with competent care.