A Latin phrase that translates as “care for the entire person“.

Our Motto. Instead of the medical model focused totally on the body, nurse practitioners are trained to care for you as a whole person – to include mind, body, and spirit. The ANA – American Nursing Association supports research driven holistic medical care.



We’re lucky to call beautiful Woodland Park Colorado home. 

Look for us just south of Hwy 24.
509 South Scott, Suite 101
Woodland Park, CO 80863


Shoot us a message or give us a call. We’d love to schedule an appointment or help you answer any questions you may have

(719) 373-8064


James Lehman

Nurse Practitioner

I want to be your independent healthcare provider. Like a MD or DO, I have full practice authority to provide you with complete and competent medical care.

Nicholas Miller

Personal Trainer

I’m here to compliment your overall health. Diet and exercise is my focus. With James, let’s optimize your wellbeing.


Office Manager

Yes, I’m a girl named Billie. I’m also loving wife and supportive mother of 3 beautiful children. I’ve been working in healthcare for over 10 years as a medical assistant. After working over 7 years in Woodland Park with outstanding local providers, I can tell you I’m finally “at home” working with James at Thrive Primary Care. James and I have professionally worked together for some time here in WP. With Thrive we’ve strived to bring back the hometown personal attention to our community. Sterile corporate medicine is readily available across the nation. We’re here to be Woodland Park’s local, progressive family practice.


Patient Coordinator

Hi! I’m Marguerite. I’m thrilled to work with James and Thrive!!! Many of you know me from previous jobs at Primary Care facilities in Woodland Park. I’ve served our community for over 7 years. I’ve seen so much frustration with the public working with our broken medical system. I’ve joined James to make a difference. Woodland Park is my home town and I’ve found a place here to help you. Come in and grab a cup of java with me. I’m here for you!!